Why Pavers?

Five reasons to choose concrete pavers over other options?

  • Attractiveness – Many homeowners consider pavers a much more attractive way to go than asphalt and poured concrete. Concrete pavers come in a vast array of colors, shapes, sizes and textures. Concrete paver colors include beautiful beige, coral, variegated or darker blends, as well as blends with flashed tones to harmonize with a home’s exterior cladding. They can easily be put into patterns that complement the architectural style of your home because there’s such a wide variety of style available.
  • Durability – Concrete pavers should maintain their beauty and strength for a number of years when installed correctly. Other pavements, such as asphalt or poured concrete, typically experience shorter lives.  Concrete pavers are 8000 PSI (lbs. per square inch), compared to regular poured concrete that can vary between 2000-4000 PSI.
  • Maintenance – Concrete pavers are easier to maintain and last longer without needing to be repaired. In fact, factory-made pavers last for decades and need practically no maintenance when installed to ICPI guidelines. If a concrete paver becomes stained or broken, it can be easily replaced individually without patches.
  • Cost – The cost of concrete pavers is substantially less than natural stone, and concrete pavers provide an equally as attractive appearance. When factoring in maintenance costs and project durability, concrete pavers are also extremely affordable compared to other outdoor surface choices, such as poured concrete.
  • Safety – Pavers provide a safe, slip-resistant surface for pedestrian, vehicular and pool projects.

Verify Your Installer is Certified

Choosing an ICPI Member Contractor who employs ICPI Certified Concrete Paver Installers can help you create an elegant, enduring and practical living environment for your home. ICPI Certified Concrete Paver Installers have passed a training course and gained extensive professional experience.  ICPI Concrete Paver Installers have:

  • Completed the ICPI Concrete Paver Installer Course
  • Passed the course examination
  • Learned industry best installation practices
  • Documented significant concrete paver installation work experience
  • Renewed their certification every two years by participating in continuing education courses

Maintain Your Pavers

Quality concrete pavers make a surface that can last for generations when placed on a well-prepared base. But, like all pavements, sometimes maintenance is necessary.

Click here for maintenance tips.

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